The Poseidon Tour

Do It With A Smile

The Poseidon Tour brings the competition experience to gyms and fitness communities around the country. The Poseidon Tour aims to grow the grassroots of our sport by providing people with a positive competition experience in their own gym. 

The Poseidon Tour is invested in the growth of the grassroots of functional fitness, as without the hard work of the gyms involved there is no sport. We bring the competition experience to these gyms to provide a unique community day to celebrate your everyday hero. From beginner to athlete, we will provide a unique experience in the familiar surroundings of their own gym

We bring our team of judges, score-keepers and sponsors to your box and create an in-house competition experience like no other. We aim to create the special competition vibe and spectacle of The Poseidon Games but with the familiarity of a day with your friends in the gym. 

The Poseidon Tour 2022 will visit CrossFit Meath, WildWay CrossFit, Howling Heart Fitness and will host CrossFit Navitas and CrossFit Powerful in our home ground, Wicklow Strength and Fitness.


Information Updates

All information will be released on our social media platforms on the lead up to the competition as well as being emailed out to ticket holders. Make sure you follow the Poseidon Games on Instagram to stay up to date!